Out of the ditch and up the mountain I go

  • What's the old saying, "When you get hit by a truck, you get back on that horse." I was never good with sayings, so here's a story.

    It's been about a month now. I got laid off just before Christmas because of a telecommunications deal with a few major carriers that went sideways. The company couldn't afford the head count so people were let go. I didn't realize how far up it went until just last week. I have never, ever been let go from a job before. On the contrary, the guy letting me go was actually getting choked up about it, because he's a great guy to work with and I do miss him. He even pushed for 2 months of severance, so that was nice as I had to pay for another semester of school which doesn't come cheap. I also found out last week I didn't get a scholarship I really needed, even though I have a 4.0 and was making no money at the time of applying.

    I got laid off at around 11am. I was sitting in my car with all my shit packed up, thinking "well what am I going to do now... I need a drink." But instead of going home, getting wasted, and feeling sorry for myself, I reacted. I put on my Sunday best, and hit the bricks to look for a job. I cut out online jobs, because I've always gotten great jobs cold calling. I had my first interview at 1:30pm, "perfect" I thought, "maybe I'll have a job by the end of the day. Wouldn't that be something." Interviews kept rolling in, but I couldn't lock anything down either because of super low pay, junior engineering positions, or just weirdo companies I didn't want to work for. But I didn't let it discourage me.

    So I kept my head up and within a week I had a job. "Man, this is great. I get 2 months severance and now I'm back to making money!" Well that didn't go as planned. That company was paying me engineering wages to do less than sexy work, knowing that I'd be moved into engineering quickly. They weren't transparent about their engineering department, so I put in my first day worth of work, and opted not to return. The manager did say I was very respectful though, and was welcome back any time because I was a great culture fit.

    Bummer! Back to square one... I could really use that drink now. By this time I was sifting through online jobs during nights and weekends, and walking the streets looking for a job during operational hours. I love cold calling. I got interviews at every single place I was targeting, but because it was near the end of the year, operational budgets were scarce, so it looked like I wouldn't be employed till the start of the year.

    Some days, it has been hard. My girlfriend kisses me goodbye in the morning before she leaves for work, and I go about my day. I text her sometimes, part way through, and tell her it's a rough one and I'm barely keeping it together. She's encouraging, and I'm lucky to have her. I keep my head up, and get back to it.

    There was this one company, the first company I applied to and got an interview at the same day I was let go. They tried working around my school schedule, poking at the budget to see if any nickels would fall out to pay me if I could come on. But there was nothing there, and they couldn't work with my schedule. Fast forward to earlier this week. I had gotten a call to come back and interview. Again, I nailed the interview. This was a culture fit interview. They pointed out that having someone with engineering knowledge is great, but they can teach someone anything. They determined I was a great fit for the company, and are paying a good wage to boot, with benefits. I've been in the doctor's office more than a 28 year old should, so medical is important to me.

    Today, I accepted an offer from that company. I start on the 4th with the new year's budget. Their final words, "Welcome to the team!" still ring in my ears. It is a very welcomed feeling. For a company to want you to represent them, because you're a great culture fit, and good at what you do. I've never truly appreciated the jobs I had, until I finally lost one.

    So now I'll have that drink. Not because I feel sorry for myself, but because I'm celebrating. Cheers everyone, and happy Friday!


  • Congrats!

  • And happy new year.

  • @scottalanmiller said in Out of the ditch and up the mountain I go:

    And happy new year.

    Thanks, and to you as well!


  • congrats!

  • Might want to put a ring on that finger because she seems to be a keeper.

  • @NerdyDad said in Out of the ditch and up the mountain I go:

    Might want to put a ring on that finger because she seems to be a keeper.

    Oh she is, and I will. As soon as we're both out of school. 🙂

  • Great! I'm about ready to start looking for something myself, so I'm glad to hear of people finding good jobs.

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations and good luck on the new position.

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