@JaredBusch said in Fedora CockPit (with KVM) Copy and Paste: @FATeknollogee said in Fedora CockPit (with KVM) Copy and Paste: Honestly, this is all kinda silly. You are "creating" a problem that simply doesn't exist!! Cockpit terminal tab, Copy & paste in a Windows 10 vm works. I just tried it again in v1809 (OS Build 17763.107) No, he is not. Also, no, it does not "just work" as you say. If it did, the post would never have been made. I consistently have random issues using copy and paste into a web interface terminal. Both Cockpit and UNMS. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I do it little enough, that i never care to toubleshoot it. I'll second this - The troubles in pasting into a web based console are real - and sometimes seemingly random. I am willing to blame Windows on this problem - but the problem is real.