Office 365 Email Gone After Forced Logoff

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    You know I don't post all the time, and I really could care less about this issue ....

    Clearly this is the farthest thing from the truth. You sought out this post and went on a huge rant because you are overly passionate about it.

    I posted a legit issue, that had legit impact, and after a few hours the vendor was able to fix. AFTER that, you came here to attempt to discredit me and do so with insider information and incorrect technical claims. Why? because you care way, way too much about this service and can't handle that anything could ever happen with it. That's not healthy. All services have problems. Some a lot, some a few. Nothing is perfect. But if you lash out at every customer that MS ever makes any mistake with, you are going to be very busy. MS is a big company and is going to have a lot of issues just because of scale. You can't take every mistake so personally.

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    And you keep using the word conspiracy. You should look it up. Because I have no idea what you think it means, but it means nothing like how you are using it. Conspiracy is very different than accident.

    @scottalanmiller we all know you're in the thick of a conspiracy to rid the world of O365.

    It's a cabal, actually. We meet in Venice every spring.

  • I wouldn't like to see the end of 365, but I would always like to see good competition to Microsoft, a leopard never changes its spots in my eyes and Microsoft have history with all the previous court cases in some of their dodgy practices and monopolisation..they slagged off Linux to high heaven in the older days and now their embracing it? Might be something to do with Microsoft using it as part of their azure backend.

    You can't doubt they make some excellent products but they have always ripped people off and most of their licencing models are complete shit...I think in a few years people will be moaning to high hell once all their subscription models have been increased through the roof and Microsoft know you won't go over to Google now as their Google apps/g suite has been left in the dust.

    Microsoft are far from a perfect company and it does iritate me when people di*k ride and never see any fault with them and a lot and most are Linux haters I find as well...