• Just wanted to say goodbye, because as of Friday I'll no longer be with Colocation America.

    Got a new job as a social analyst for an entertainment creative agency here in LA--the company did the social for Spiderman: Homecoming, BoJack Horseman Season 3, Death Note, and more.

    Just wanted to say it was great getting to interact and be goofy with you all on here and at MangoCon--you guys and gals were always a blast to chat with.

    I retire as the REIGNING AND DEFENDING Definitely-Not-Jenga-Please-Stop-Calling-Our-Lawyers Champion (NOBODY DENIES THIS DON'T LISTEN TO DETRACTORS)

  • Oh man, that sucks that you are leaving the club, but congrats on the new gig, that's very cool.

  • We will miss you here on ML!!! Good luck and stop by to share some stories from the dark side of the entertainment industry!!

  • Best of luck, and the new job sounds sweet. Send us lots of Hollywood swag!!!

  • Wow - Best of luck to you. Sounds like a spectacular gig. Don't be to much of a stranger... and Remember - Some of us didn't get to match you in the game no one calls Jenga due to threats from lawyrers..

  • But...but.... who will bring the Definitely-Not-Jenga set to MangoCon in the future? Why?! Why?! Must you leave us?!

    In other news, Congratulations, and I hope you have as much fun at your new company as you do here!

  • So long and thanks for all the fish.


  • Good luck in your new endeavors!

  • Good bye @ChrisL it's been fun 😞

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