IT manager - responsibilities when working in small-sized teams?

  • Hi everyone, I'd like to ask for your help to learn more about your day to day as an IT manager working with small teams (3-5 people managing 10s - 100s different locations).

    I think I have two primary questions:

    1. What are your most common routinary tasks (eg, provisioning networks, conducting configuration changes, troubleshooting)
    2. In which operations do you invest the most of your time

    I work at a small tech company specialized in the development of solutions for IT teams managing complex multi-network infrastructures. Your feedback will really help us identify what future products and functionalities would be more useful to simplify and accelerate IT operations. Thank you all,

  • I know my manager does the same grunt work tasks as the rest of my team with the added burden of having to attend more meetings.

  • Tell us a little more about yourself, and who your company is.

    Your first, post, 8 days after you signed up, resembles a Cold Call we might receive at the office. In order to not dump your question into the round file, we (I, anyway) would need to be a little more comfortable with the person asking the questions..... 🙂

  • An IT Manager with 3-5 staff but hundreds of locations? That doesn't seem very realistic. Seems like they'd likely just be a buyer of IT, not a manager of it.

  • I spend alot of time trying work out where words like routinary come from and why??

  • Hi @JasGot
    You are very right, I should have introduced myself first 🙂
    I work at Boundless Digital, a small tech company based in France. What we do is we develop IT solutions mainly around the automation of network operations through the use of APIs and programming scripts.

    Myself, I joined the product team just a couple of months ago and I'm still a bit green on what the needs are in the field. So I'm doing a little investigation on my end, thus my question to the forum.
    My purpose is really not to sell products but to get feedback from the group that could help us improve our solutions and identify new tools that could be useful to IT and network teams.

    By the way, as you noticed I'm new to the group and not very familiar with it, so if you think my question is off-topic let me know and I'll remove the post 🙂 Thanks a lot

  • @siringo I guess are boring routines which end up creating routinary words 😂

  • Hi @scottalanmiller
    Honestly, I thought so too, but for what we know there are more and more teams whose IT effectives are being reduced, and therefore end up managing dozens of remote networks with a truly small headcount. Although they usually have few equipments, but still. It's insane..

  • Hey @EddieJennings
    That sounds fair to me 🙂 Can I ask you what are the most common tasks you and your team undertake in you day to day?

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