Skyetel support

  • Damnit, they are awesome.

    Sorry @Skyetel, I gots no complaints!

    Anyway, user calls me this morning.

    User: "We are having a phone problem"
    Me: "You called me on it"

    Yes, I do it to users too.

    Made some test calls and it is not terminating at Skyetel from T-Mobile.

    Opened a support ticket with Skyetel, they check and the calls are not even hitting hteir network. SO likely nothing their problem, but I did have weirdness after the port out from the losing carrier so some email goes back and forth and Skyetel pushed things at T-Mobile who replied. nope, no issues, must be a busy tower/cell congestion... Lazy fuckers...

    Anyway, after lots of testing (thanks all in the ML telegram) confirms things are definitely T-Mobile, I did the dreaded and called 611 after @Skyetel said that it would likely get a better resolution.

    It only took 10 minutes to get the Tier 1 rep through his script and get me to an actual support rep. Lots of testing later he opens a ticket with some higher up channel.

    Here's hoping they fix it.

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    Thanks for the kind feedback 🙂

  • Not to pile on or threadjack.

    @Skyetel support is in my Top 3 of all IT related type support.
    These folks are good.

  • Never heard back from T-Mobile, but calls now connect.

  • @JaredBusch said in Skyetel support:

    Never heard back from T-Mobile, but calls now connect.

    Ain't that always the way.