Resignation - And what's next

  • Well - Sad to say, but I am turning in my resignation tomorrow. As I have done for each employer, I will be giving the customary two week notice.

    There are no BAD JOBS.
    There are;

    • gross jobs;
    • difficult jobs;
    • unpopular jobs;
    • labor intensive jobs;
    • boring jobs.

    I am not leaving a BAD Job. I am leaving a difficult supervisor.

    I started in IT in 1989, having already spent three or so years working with computers, so at this stage I have learned a thing or two... And when you offer experience on a matter you have first hand knowledge about - and they 'laugh at your offerings' it's just not the place for you... or at least me.

    In the past when I offered options on how to address an issue or assistance it's been welcomed. But in this case it wasn't just discarded, it was laughed at. I'm sorry - I can get past a few things about a personality conflict - but to have my knowledge laughed at is more than I'm going to tolerate.

    So, after starting in August - I now look towards the future. I am already looking a start date as a contractor with a company to support a State Agency - performing desktop and server support. It is a twelve month on-going assignment and will provide with most of what I have now.... there are some cuts,.. but that is just life.

    But in addition to this, I may be providing direct support for another company a good friend of my is getting ready to start working for. He and I have already spent a number of hours on the phone and text going over things this new office will likely need. Things that he hasn't had direct exposure to. And he is very open and welcoming to the knowledge I have in areas he hasn't worked with.

    Like some of the things I"ve picked up here;

    • freePBX;
    • NextCloud;
    • Server 2019;
    • VMs on Linux;
    • UBNT Wireless;
    • DNS;
    • Email (Zoho or O365)

    So, for now - I breath a little more quickly as this is an exciting opportunity for me to learn more, and showcase what I have learned.

    Shout outs of course go to a of people here on ML;

  • @gjacobse I know those feels dude. I did the same and found a much better fit as a result. I hope you do too

  • @gjacobse there is no reason to stay at a deadend or bad relationship position. Good for you and move on I hope all works out in the new gig.

  • The only consistent thing in life is change. It's good that you recognized quickly the issue of fit between you and On High, and are making a move. Life is too short to be miserable!

  • That's the way I've looked at my jobs. Don't like it move on.
    I know sometimes it's easier to say and do sometimes but you need to consider your health both physical and mental.

    Luckily I've mostly enjoyed and like my jobs and only moved on due to circumstances outside of my control. Like company closing it's door, having a car crash, not getting the hours in.

  • @hobbit666 said in Resignation - And what's next:

    I know sometimes it's easier to say and do sometimes but you need to consider your health both physical and mental.

    That's the truth. Reminds me of when I left my first teaching gig. I had a great administration behind me, but the overall gig wasn't a good fit. It was tough to leave some good colleagues behind.

  • Good luck on your next venture. You really have to somewhat enjoy going into work or you will just make yourself miserable and not improve on your skills.

  • BEst luck on your next venture!

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