File and Directory Naming Conventions

  • Some light discussion. 🙂

    What's your preferred convention for file and directory names that need multiple words? I'm breaking my habit of spaces, and I'm curious to know what conventions you folks follow.

    My $0.02: My eyes tend to follow camel case pretty well. If words are separated by character, I waffle back and forth between - and _. Even though _ requires an extra keystroke, it doesn't seem that costly.

  • Service Provider

    I don't think that I have any 🙂

    I'd use an underbar, though. That makes the most sense to me.

  • File and Folder naming really depends on what works for your business. I like using all lowercase with underscores, but others don't.

    It all really matters on what works for the business.

  • I use a combination of underscore, hyphens, uppercase and lowercase. And ever since I started juggling between Mac, Windows and Linux, I've been avoiding spaces.

    Not sure if you noticed but most Linux and Windows iso downloads use a combination of hyphens, underscore, uppercase and lowercase.

  • I'm an underscore guy all the way. And I tend to use all caps when creating folders. Easier for everyone to read.

  • I'm kind of all across the board, lol.

    (underscores) Sometimes I'll use them (when I know it'll make things easier in the long run), but other times I won't (because it won't matter for certain circumstances).

    (capitals vs lowercase) Sometimes I'll name a folder with all caps, other times I won't. And I'll actually use a combination sometimes (because I like the way certain folders will catch my eye by having the first part of the folder named with all caps, and the second part with a combination (ex: "SERVERS_-_Logs_and_Events"))

    (numbers and symbols) I have a separate hard drive that is dedicated to data, and I have a numbering system for the folders. Here's an example:
    000 _____________________________________________
    001 - SHUEY
    002 - TEAM
    003 - PROJECTS
    004 _____________________________________________
    005 - Apps
    006 - Scripts
    007 - Software & Driver Repository
    008 _____________________________________________

    And in general, anytime I want something to appear at the top of the tree (at least on Windows machines), I'll use ! @ and #, and I'll use ( ) and [ ] to put distance between top-level folders and folders without any special prefixes.

  • I just use spaces. It works better with searches.

    I used to not use spaces, but it really doesn't matter anymore.

  • @Tim_G said in File and Directory Naming Conventions:

    I just use spaces. It works better with searches.

    I used to not use spaces, but it really doesn't matter anymore.

    When downloading files from sharepoint, it replaces spaces with "%20" that's another reason I avoid spaces.

  • I use pretty much all lowercase and hyphens or underscores. I'm too lazy to escape spaces and a lot of times too lazy to hold shift to get the underscore.

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