Yahoo Groups - Alternative

  • I know of a few ways to replace Yahoo Groups. But - I was curious as to what others may suggest. I'm not a member of Yahoo, and have no intentions of picking up one again.

    What is it that makes people think that Yahoo groups is a good place to have their group / mailing list? Free should not be an answer in this day and age....

  • I've never seen a Yahoo group. Hard to suggest an alternative without knowing what made it functional originally.

  • To me the best thing about yahoo groups is email. You can subscribe to individual emails or a daily single email. Also all attachments posted are emailed to you too.

    The problem with forums is the need to go there to see what it going on.

    I like this to the current trend toward messaging as the new hot platform. All these new chat bots etc.
    Of course that will fail too because who what's to have dozens or hundreds of bots getting in their face to buy something... And its just a plain pain in the ass to has to subscribe to each new bot today ita 800 flowers, tomorrow taco bell, the day the grocery store. They will all be sending you messages to buy their stuff when you don't care about the.

  • The only thing I can say for sure, is don't use Google's groups. It's painful, search doesn't work (yeah, a Google property that search sucks), and the interface is just, well, bad.

    I've heard good things about something called NodeBB.

  • What don't want use it for?
    You could use: