Windows 7 - Tray Icon

  • So this is a preliminary request I'm putting out there, as I haven't ever seen this happen..

    On a windows 7 laptop, the tray icon for the wireless networks disappears when you aren't connected to a wireless network.

    Going to network, selecting properties, and then "connect to a network" then makes the wireless option show up in the task tray, but once you disconnect it's gone again.

    I've already defaulted all of the user options, confirmed that the default options for the system tray icons are defaulted, and confirmed that "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar" is enabled.

    In this same window, the "Network" option is set to "Show icon and notifications".

    Any ideas why it would disappear when you disconnect from the wireless?

  • @DustinB3403
    Just a wagered guess,. same reason why I lose bars when i'm out of range on my cell phone.

    Nothing there, nothing to connect to.

    That being said,.. why should it be any different than the cabled NIC? that will show a red X when in disconnect status.

  • @gjacobse no that's not quite it, the icon its self isn't even there.

    When there are signals to be picked up. No red X for disconnected or anything.

    It just doesn't show.

  • I recall in the past a setting about display icon in tray - check the network adapter itself and see if there is such a check box.

  • Set it to show all icons always, then turn it off - might help reset whatever stupid has infected it


  • @MattSpeller I did confirm those settings.

  • @DustinB3403 sorry, was editing still - I get too quick on the "submit" button

  • yeah what I recall ( don't have a windows 7 machine handy) it's not in the notifications area to set this, it's actually in the networking area.

  • sounds glitchy, I've never seen it behave like that either.

  • Banned

    I'm going to guess this is an OEM windows 7 install.. I've seen lots of odd issues with task tray icons disapearing on OEM windows 7 installs. Usually Network ones too, It's usually a blank spot left in the task tray you can see where it should be but, isn't.