Xen Orchestra Questions for Olivier

  • @olivier I have a few questions for you.

    In Xen Orchestra Anyone you mentioned Forever Incremental Backup as an alternative to Veeam, which is awesome; but you also mentioned it's only available in 4.11 if I read you correctly.

    When will 4.11 be released? Is there a beta program we can help test for you?

    And SMB support was added.

    OKAY Awesome.

    A few million dollar questions, as information seems to be scattered from what I could find over the weekend.

    Do you have any documentation on 4.11 release notes and implementation best practices. Also on the Forever Backup functionality it would appear to exist in the current "from the sources" & Incremental "Guide" information if I'm reading that right.

    Can you clarify?

    Thanks and awesome work, absolutely awesome!

    To give you a quick layout of my existing network, we have a single host, running 7 VM's (windows and Linux) we plan to expand in the coming year to add 2 additional host all with enough local storage to manage the network should a host fail or have to be brought down for one reason or another.

    Currently we're sitting at ~6TB of "Usage storage" with a total of 8TB allocated. How might you migrate that much data offsite to perform forever incremental's so we would have a true DR plan? Adding 3TB (totalling 11TB) is the expected growth within the next few years.

  • Hi @DustinB3403 !

    4.11 is out since today: see https://xen-orchestra.com/blog/xen-orchestra-4-11/

    SMB will come for 4.12 (mid Jan. max), due to validation time.

    About XO best practice, everything is in the doc. About XO+XS best practice, it depends of your current infrastructure. In general, we spend some time to give our customers some leads, but it's more difficult to give large amount of time with the whole community (I would like to, but improving XO is a priority!). Sometimes I can help, at least I do my best to.

    Briefly, in your case: we'll implement a "continuous replication" of VM directly to another host/pool (using delta+vm streaming, see the doc part about it). I think it will be suited for your need.

    Yes: everything is in the sources (except non-direct XO feature, like the turnkey appliance with the updater).

  • @olivier I have a quick question. I tried to mount an NFS share from XO but I was getting permission denied, so I just mounted it in XenServer. But when I do a backup, I can't see anything in the mounted folder. The backups are there because I can restore from them, but I can't see anything in the folder at all. Is this supposed to be this way?

    Here's the set up (I did it this way just to test it)

    XenServer has an IP of, XO is running in a container on my desktop with IP, and desktop IP is which is sharing /export/backup which XenServer has mounted under /mnt/backups.

    If I do ls-a in /mnt/backups I can't see any files. Same if I do ls -a under /export/backups on the desktop.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, if I touch a file in the folder with XenServer, I can see it on both the desktop and XenServer. Does XO just use the xe vm-export or does it do it another way?

  • So I figured it out. I looked at the NFS share from the container and I can see the files. I thought it would have created the files from XenServer but it must be the user that's running XO.

  • So upon further investigation I've realized I'm a complete moron. So I created the local storage through the web interface. I thought that meant it was local to XenServer, but it was local to XO. So the backups are being saved to the container and not on XenServer. Disregard everything above, I'm just stupid.