Is Microsoft Groups the Answer to Office 365 Collaboration Confusion

  • InfoWorld looks at the nearly released Microsoft Groups option in Office 365 which appears to be an answer to the ongoing confusion around where to head for meaningful collaboration in the Office 365 suite.

  • I am checking OWA on Office 365 like described in the article and nothing has appeared there yet. Microsoft really needs to fix their feature roll out problems. Leaving customers not knowing what features they are going to get and when is a real problem.

  • This is not out yet. This was seen by the writer at a conference. I saw it last week in a tech demo they let us play with (though it doesn't really work well at this point from what I can tell). They will only tell you once it is actually out and in production.

  • They should have more info about it and announcements if they are telling writers and having them put it in the news as if it is showing up via O365's normal processes. That's very confusing and does nothing to make people happy with the product.