How business ready is ZeroTier?

  • I may have a business use for ZeroTier and I'm wondering if the service is secure enough, reliable enough & business ready?

    From the reading I've done & what I understand of it, it does look very secure. I've had it running on 3 servers for at least a month & a bit with no problems, but suggesting it to a client is way different to using it to hook up a few servers in your lab.

    The use case is very simple, just file transfer which I know it will handle without issue. I guess my greatest concern is security.

    The client currently has an MPLS network and they have an extra site that doesn't justify the cost of the MPLS connection. This is why I'm considering ZeroTier.

    What do others think?

  • ZeroTier isn't really designed as an "extra site" connection. It's a SDN. Sounds like you are just looking for a VPN?

  • I'm with @scottalanmiller on this one unless you have one or two devices that need the file transfer capability then a site to site connection will be much better imo. ZT seems to simply be adding overhead for little gain. As for security I would imagine that theirs is good, but I haven't looked into it very deeply.

  • You can use ZeroTier this way. It will work just fine, but a simple VPN to extend the LAN is probably better for this.

  • @siringo For that sort of thing with ZeroTier, I'd want their appliance. As the router on-site is almost guaranteed to support some kind of VPN, it doesn't really make sense imo.

  • Thanks everyone. Yes it is most likely an unneeded extra step.

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