Snipe-IT Shell Commands and Backing up

  • So looking for a way to backup just the database for Snipe-IT now that I have it installed, and partially populated.

    I see I can create a manual backup under the Backups menu.

    This however is not at all what I want.

    Looking for a way to schedule the backup to run (say weekly) and export the backup to a remote target.

    Has anyone else done this?

    @daily /path/to/php /path/to/your/snipe-it/artisan snipeit:backup

  • Service Provider

    Assuming it worked, then you just need an rsync command cron'd to run after.

    Depending on the output you get from that command, you could wrap it all in a script, or just make the rsync run ever hour and it will only actually do anything when there is a file difference.

  • Backup the VM?

  • @hobbit666 no this is just for the mysql database.

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