Do you implement the Mobile Device Management

  • Hey ML, anyone is using the mobile Device Management application?
    We have Android and IOS smartphones, to be honest, it's not secure because after we set up the needed application we just let them have it. Thought end user signs the accountability form, but no anti-virus installed on it or any other form of standard operating procedure practices on how to monitor them.

    I was asked to look for antivirus for mobile, but I wanted to know if anyone here is using an Open Source Software for mobile device management?

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    We used to but then stopped. Haven't found a bit use for it.

  • I do, but only for iPads we issue, I only do it for software licensing reasons and to keep from having to setup a bunch of individual apple ids.

    The one I use is Miradore Not open source, but hosted for $2/device a month.

  • I use Meraki. In part because that was in place when I started my current job, but it also does what we need it to. Which is keep track of ~200 iOS devices and make sure that each of them has access to certain information and apps depending on the type of user. Definitely reduces some headaches for me v. doing it all by hand.

    We don't use it for AV or monitoring. Except occasionally some one will come in who doesn't know where they left their device and we do a check to see if it has recent GPS data.

    Would also love to use the os update feature but sadly you can only use that if you are on a DEP account and our current mobile carrier doesn't support that. :(

    It isn't open source or self-hosted but does have the advantage of being free. It seems Cisco treats the MDM portion of Meraki as a loss leader to bait you into using their hardware as well as the other paid monitoring and deployment features of Meraki.

  • We use the free meraki stuff. But thats all I know as I don't use or manage it lol

  • @Joy Anti-Virus on mobile devices is mostly not using 3rd party apps or app stores. So if you want to keep your device clean, stick to the Play Store on Android or Apple's app store for Apple devices.

    I'd also say that nothing should be permanently stored on the local device storage, but synced somewhere you can do a proper backup.

  • We use Meraki cloud as that comes with the wireless AP subscription. Not for AV, but just for keeping up with company-owned devices.

    That is getting ready to change as we're about to go to a stipend policy. Everybody picks up their own phone, the give the company their cell phone, and they get a monthly reimbursement from the company for having to use it. Tired of people breaking their phones or wanting upgrades just because the latest and greatest came out.

  • Meraki was okay back when I last used it. Free, so could not complain.

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    I use the free Meraki at one client with about 80 devices. works good for a free product.

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