Updating the FreePBX 13 System Modules

  • The final piece of the FreePBX update trilogy is the System Modules.
    These are the pieces of the FreePBX system that do all the magic.

    You update these from within the GUI only.

    Navigate to Admin -> Module Admin and you will see this.

    Click the Check Online button and wait for the screen to change to this.

    Click the Upgrade all button to the right and you will see this.

    Click the Process button as instructed, and you will be presented with a list of the modules it is going to do something with as well as what it is going to do. Click confirm to have it start the process.

    It will then begin downloading and updating all the specified modules.

    When completed, you will have a Return button. Click it.

    You will be taken back to the Module Administration home page, but you will see the red Apply Config button. Make sure to click it or your system will be in a half updated state.

    Occasionally, there are changes to modules that depends on other modules. When that happens, you will be warned on the Confirm screen that the modules with dependencies will not be updated. So at this point after you have done updates and applied the config, you can go back and do it again to get those modules updated.

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide

  • FYI, screens have changed a bit for Version 14