How do I setup TLS on a Postfix relay

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    So, I do lot let any of my systems send email directly to the world. Everything has to filter through a Postfix relay, so I can have only a single point that send SMTP to the world. It gives me one place to monitor, etc.

    Now that I have SSL enabled on pretty much everything thanks to LetsEncrypt, I want to tackle setting up TLS on my Postfix relay.

    The domain itself is on O365, but the email is going out direct. I am not relaying through O365.


    I will hit the googles, later when I begin to work on this, but I was wondering if anyone has any direct experience with this already.

  • Watching... I've run into this in the past with Postfix

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    Extremely simple.

    Place this at the end of your /etc/postfix/

    # Enable opportunistic outbound TLS. System always try TLS first.
    smtp_tls_security_level = may


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