Outbound call routing with FreePBX 13

  • Navigate to Connectivity -> Outbound Routes

    Click on Add outbound route

    Give it a name (no spaces), set your outbound Caller ID, and choose the trunk.

    Click on the Dial Patterns tab and then then the dial patterns wizards button.

    Click as follows to unselect and select everything as shown.
    You can modify this if you desire, but I prefer to take this opportunity to force the users to change in order to help break their old habits.

    This will create the patterns like this.

    VoIP.ms , and most other carriers requires the country code to be prepended. So for North America, you need to prepend a 1 for the 10 digit dialing.

    Click Submit and Apply Config.

    You can now dial any US number by dialing the 10 digit (area code + phone number) syntax, and you can dial any international number with the traditional 011 + country code + number

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide

  • Is it best to setup a second route for e911 usage?

  • @brianlittlejohn said in Outbound call routing with FreePBX 13:

    Is it best to setup a second route for e911 usage?

    I always do. Because then I can mark the route as such.