Interest in Hosted osTicket?

  • Doing some work on osTicket and wondering, given that there is so much interest in ticketing systems, would there be interest in the community in NTG hosting osTicket for a flat rate fee with support? Like $14/mo for unlimited use (some practical limits on attachment storage, but nothing else.) This would cover the hosting and support costs. Getting anything like this hosted by someone else either comes with loads of advertising and/or has a charge per user so that even two users is often like $20/mo and if you have any number of casual users, part timers, etc. it adds up like crazy even if they really don't use the system which makes it either super expensive or totally limits the usability.

    So was thinking that a small flat rate for SMBs might make sense. Sure any of us could host it ourselves, but why pay for the hosting and learn another product when we could do central hosting of it for so cheap? Thoughts?

    NTG is running our own osTicket that we just set up. If anyone is interested in trying it out, let me know.

  • Does that require a new VM for each company doing it? Or do you just run containers?

  • Ot is it multitenant?

  • @Dashrender said in Interest in Hosted osTicket?:

    Does that require a new VM for each company doing it? Or do you just run containers?

    Independent applications, no need for VMs.

  • @Dashrender said in Interest in Hosted osTicket?:

    Ot is it multitenant?

    No, it is not. Or not enough to want to do that. Yes, there is SOME degree of multitenancy but that requires central administration at the application level which would not be desired here.

  • Everybody would get their own application, own database.

  • I would just setup my own if I wanted, because I have servers spinning in colo anyway.

    But that is an interesting pricepoint.

  • Not a bad idea, the price is good and would make it easy to have a hosted ticket system. I like it.

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