Vendor Thank you!

  • I want to take the time to thank you, the vendors, for being part of the very first MangoCon!!

    While I will fully admit there were some things we needed to learn and change for next year, overall, I believe we had a successful first year! We have had a great response from those that were there who want to come again. We also (due to craziness in posting to MangoLassi, from the conference itself) have about 32 people who want to purchase tickets for 2017 that did not attend.
    Please reach out to Minion Queen to ask for an attendee list. Total Attendees: 32 (tickets sold were 65). Not as many as we hopped but still a good turnout for our first go around. We will not be providing email addresses but you can reach out via the community chat and ask questions, etc.

    I want to thank each of you for being there!

    Scale Computing: We were happy to see Jenny and Frank there and to have you join in on the festivities each night, and Frank- thank you for bringing Cards Against Humanity!

    Starwinds: Thank you for sending Max! Everyone hopes he will be there again next year to do at least one session, but hopefully more. The people who won the Raspberry Pi’s are also happily playing with them now, I am sure.

    Webroot: Thank you for sponsoring Thursday night’s dinner. Pasta, BBQ pulled pork… very yummy! Also, the NFR Keys are always a great giveaway. Nic’s session was well liked, too.

    Colocation America: The (lawyers will be calling soon) game that shall not be referred to as “Jenga” was a great distraction, when people needed to interact with one another. Finding Coly kept people busy! The competition on both fronts was fierce! Having you join us for all the late night fun also gave you a special place in all our hearts… and we have video!

    NTG: Thank you for providing much needed candy and snacks to get us through our long sessions and for sponsoring the dinner and open bar for the Keynote at well. Also, thanks for hiding some minions to keep us busy (I know an attendee is still holding 2 hostage!).

    Aetherstore: Thank you for being there (I think the Holo-lense might be everyone's favorite conference gadget). Rob thank you for speaking for the 2 separate sessions. And as always for the drinking at Victoire, you always know how to ramp up an already good time.

    Xbyte: We were sad that you couldn’t attend, however, your beach balls made appearances all over the place, and our trip to Letchworth on Saturday was a much needed break (and beautiful trip) for our weary travelers! There was plenty of burgers, bbq chicken, salads, beer and pop/soda/coke for all to enjoy!

    We are very excited to be already deep into planning the next MangoCon, July 26-28, 2017. It will be held at the Holiday Inn Downtown in Rochester, NY, once again. The venue was great, and the staff was even better than the venue was. I will be sending out pricing for next year sometime in the next couple weeks so that you can get it in your budgets for next year. There will be a discount for those of you that participated this year.

    We hope to see you there!

  • Tagging a few people involved....

    @seal @scale @craig-theriac from Scale (Jenny was there but lacks an account to tag.)

    @kooler @StarWind_Software from Starwinds (Max was there but lacks an account to tag.)

    @nic from Webroot

    @ChrisL @SamieWalters from Colocation America

    @art_of_shred from NTG

    @rob @aboyd @shannon from AetherStore

    @ryan-from-xbyte @xByteSean @BradfromxByte @Lyndsie_xByte from xByte (they had a conflict and could not attend in person.)

  • @scottalanmiller My pleasure!

  • So glad we could be part of it!

  • Very happy that we were able to attend, support and participate! Thanks so much for putting this together for everyone.

  • It was our pleasure and, don't worry, I am setup, practicing, and ready to go for another year.

  • Vendor

    We're glad we were able to be part of the inaugural MangoCon! It was great to see everyone and meet some new faces. We had a blast!

  • That was ace - such a blast, and great to see everyone. Will definitely be heading up next year!

  • Huge thanks to the vendors for their support of MangoCon year 1.

    The give aways were great, but, as Danielle said, the Hololens stole the show..

    Thanks to NTG or Danielle for the not-lego minion set and the Amazon gift card.

  • @Dashrender you are welcome!

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