VMTurbo HyperVisor Monitoring looks Interesting

  • http://vmturbo.com/vhm-earth-why-pay-for-monitoring

    Stumbled on this today, it was shown in an ad on some article I was reading. Looks like it is free, they don't mention any way to buy anything. Probably a loss leader for another service or something. But looks interesting. Has anyone played with it?

  • I have seen this, I'd equate it to Zabbix prebuilt.

    It likely is zabbix on the backend!

    No, but in all seriousness, you don't build something to just give it away unless you're forced to. Or to have a Pay to Play feature baked in somewhere.

    Just a guess but it's likely a Single pane of glass for the hypervisors managed.

  • I've used their product before. It's pretty cool. If you have multiple servers (and are using the paid version), it will handle load balancing between the servers and all for you, automatically... Last time I tested it was with VMware.

    Edit: Only the paid version does the automatic load balancing, IIRC.