Containerizing Spiceworks on Windows 2012 R2

  • Has anyone thought about or attempted this before? I know that Spiceworks cannot run on Linux, which would be pretty nice, but I want to be able to run multiple instances of it, but I know that it tends to conflict with itself. Is there maybe some way to put Spiceworks into a container, or something like a container, on Windows so that more than one can run on the same system?

  • I'd be wary of trying to do this.

    Spiceworks was/is built to be a standalone installation.

    You could certainly create as many VM's on your hypervisor and create separate instances there.

    But that clearly isn't what you're wanting to do.

  • Lots of VMs creates a licensing nightmare. Sure with a Datacenter license that would be no big deal, but I don't have that.