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  • So I've setup Chrome user data directory by installing the Chrome ADM template to Group Policy. I've then gone into its properties and under "Set user data directory", enabled it, and set the value ${documents}\GoogleChrome. We have redirected My Documents, so I've verified that a folder does get auto-populated, is named GoogleChrome, and fills with user data. The problem is, I do a test by uninstalling Chrome and blowing away the local profile in C:\users<username>\appdata\local\google\chrome then reinstall the program. None of the test bookmarks get brought back. What am I missing?

  • Is this GPO set to run just one time?

    You might have to set it to recreate, each time it runs.

  • @DustinB3403 How would you know if it runs only one time? The GPO processes each time a computer boots (for computer configuration) and when a user logs in (user configuration). The Chrome ADM template settings are limited to Enabled, Disabled, Not Configured. I do know that some GPO settings have actions like Update, Create, Delete, etc for other unrelated GPOs (like printer creation for instance). But I'm not sure what you mean by runs only one time in this instance...

  • There is a setting when creating files to "Run Once" or "recreate" the files every time.

    We had a similar issue when we were setting up a GPO to push bookmarks to our users.

    They'd go and delete the bookmarks, and then ask where they were. So we told it to recreate every time so they wouldn't have an excuse.

  • @DustinB3403 Can you be a bit more specific in the steps to verify if it is set to recreate or run once? Thanks for the responses.

  • Sorry I just confirmed, it is in fact "Replace" that we change it too..

  • @DustinB3403 Where did you find replace? Cause I have found nowhere in the Chrome template that defines an action (Update/replace/etc).

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  • @DustinB3403 said:


    Oh I get it now. That is not how I have it setup. I have a Chrome template that I downloaded:


  • How do the favorites get into that folder in the first place?

    What exactly is Chrome User Data? I wouldn't assume that to mean Favorites - frankly I have no clue what that is suppose to mean. But then maybe I'm just thinking weird.

  • @Dashrender No your thinking is correct. User data has anything to do with a Chrome profile, which includes bookmarks. I know it works, I've done it before. For some reason, it isn't processing this time.

  • Well the template works just fine. Apparently I didn't bring my brain to work today. I started back at the very beginning to find where I messed up. The security filtering was where I had an issue. I had a bunch of nested groups setup, but I was tinkering with my account so I could work on the testing of it before I deployed it. Wasn't even being applied. Geez.

  • lol Doh!

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