Fresh install, Device manager has no unknowns - do you look for manufacture drivers anyway?

  • I happen to be in one of those rare times where Windows 10 knows about all the hardware in my machine. Device manager is clean, there are no unknown devices.

    Would you go to the manufacturer's website and look for newer, possibly better drivers?

  • I usually do

  • Service Provider

    For an office PC, never. The odds of the user needing anything extra are so low why waste the time

  • Service Provider

    Typically I let MS driver updates deal with this. Both because of @JaredBusch's reasons but also because this means that the drivers will be managed for me and updated and patched over time without intervention. That's worth something.

  • Only if there is a discrete video card or a special chipset. Rarely do I see this on office computers.

  • Vendor

    My new HP laptop shuts down the WiFi as soon as Bluetooth is enabled. It was resolved by installing the vendor’s drivers (at least before the last update). The point is sometimes you never know what will hit you unless it hits you 🙂

    Also it reminds me the Veeam B&R tape component that can’t work properly with default Unknown Medium Changer driver for tape libraries. That’s a good example to keep in mind if you have some old hardware in your premises (though, we get this fixed in upcoming v9 major version)

  • Well, and Unknown Tape driver wouldn't qualify for my OP, so I would expect someone to get the needed driver for that.

    I too have run into odd issues like your Bluetooth issue. Yeah definitely have to go for manufacture's driver in that case.

  • I have Snappy Driver installer I use as well as Driver Booster but I agree with @JaredBusch and @scottalanmiller that for generic work PCs, most driver updates don't change anything worthwhile. Microsoft will patch most drivers over time anyways, so as long as it's not broken, why fix it?

    That being said, for my personal PC, I'm fanatical about keeping my BIOS and all my drivers up-to-date. It's just how I am.