Checking your e-mail and other work in the evenings

  • Banned by France:

    I think the new law prevents tech companies from forcing workers to check their e-mail outside of their contracted work hours. To be fair, I'm not obliged to work at home by anyone, I choose to, and I think it makes my working day more relaxing. You Americans work 50+ hours a week with hardly any holiday, don't you? I'm not sure you've got the balance right, but suspect France may be too far the other way. Having said that, given the choice, I'd rather live in France than the US.

    If I was able to concentrate and work at 100%, I could easily do all my work within 35 hours a week. But I'd rather adopt a slightly slower pace, chat with colleagues, make cups of coffee, mess around on MangoLassi, and "work" for 45 hours. I fixed a server at home last night, but have just done some online grocery shopping at work, so I figure it all balances out in the end. The issue I have is with a number of colleagues who do grocery shopping at work but absolutely nothing at home.

  • Yeah. It's hard to tell what is better. And there has to be more to it, because how will businesses that run at night, for example, function?

  • Yes, please! Email outside work hours is horrible. I might check mine once or twice a night. If something blows up, key people know how to otherwise get ahold of me.

  • I check my work email at night mainly for replies to my SW posts 😉

    We're an 7am - 6 pm shop, with no expectation to be oncall, so I look when I want to. I have to say it's nice.

  • For me I have to be watching my email from 6am to at least 10pm everyday weekends included and the only reason it's not later than that is because I have a team that works from 10pm till 3 or 4 am everyday and they are watching for me. However I do have rules that I run on the weekends only so I am not getting alerts for anything other than helpdesk emails. We are really lucky these days with our clients that are not open on weekends so unless something really blows up we are able to not be so worried about any stray issues.

  • I definitely appreciated that you checked it last weekend 🙂

  • I don't have emails to check but i am just living near our office so every time something went wrong i am always around 🙂
    Sometimes they just knock on our door.

  • @Joyfano said:

    Sometimes they just knock on our door.

    That's not good!

  • @Carnival-Boy said:

    @Joyfano said:

    Sometimes they just knock on our door.

    That's not good!

    I guess its not.

  • That is horrible!

  • Wow.. they hunt you down, that's awful!

  • @Minion-Queen said:

    That is horrible!

    As of this time still I am working. Preparing for our Workflow System.
    One of my night shift team is not around, So i guess its better to stay a little late than going home and later on they will ask me to come back to fix something.Lol

  • @Dashrender said:

    Wow.. they hunt you down, that's awful!

    just this year they hired another IT staff to be around during night.

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