RAID 5 SSD(or Spinning Rust) vs RAID 6 Spinning Rust

  • Does anyone know of any good articles comparing the two raid methods. I've been doing a lot of reading lately of RAID 5 on SSDs over RAID 5 HDD's and I'm looking for a comparison between the two methods.

  • What do you mean a comparison between the methods?

    You deploy RAID the same to SSD or HDDs.

    Why one is advisable and one is not was laid out here a few days ago by @scottalanmiller.

    From memory a few things:

    SSDs don't suffer UREs
    SSD resilver time is low enough to not consider failure of another drive to be a perceived threat

    These two (again from memory) are why it's considered OK to use RAID 5 with SSDs, but not with HDDs.