Windows 10 - Check online for updates from microsoft update - two check boxes

  • We have WSUS in our domain with GPO pointed to the WSUS server.

    In previous versions of windows you could click the text "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update" to bypass your server and look at the newest updates from Microsoft directly.

    With Windows 10 there is a check box that says the same thing. If you check the box then click check for updates it says checking for updates and displays another check box that says the same thing but now the box is unchecked.

    This behavior seems strange and I'm not sure from past updates, but I may have had to check the second box for it to actually check Microsoft's update server for updates. I haven't found anything searching for the specifics of how it works yet. Anyone have any insight on this?


  • I don't have a windows 10 computer joined to the domain to test with. Can you take a screenshot and post it? Windows Snipping Tool might be a better option.

  • screenshot of screens
    Sure. Here are the two screens. If you check the box on the first screen. When it starts looking for updates the next screen will show the box unchecked.

  • It must be a bug of some sort.

    That or your WSUS server is telling that computer to check in with it for updates, and Windows 10 is "smart enough to know" that it shouldn't be reaching out directly to Microsoft's update servers.

  • Yes, WSUS\GPO does tell the computer to check it for updates. The option for that box only appears when you have this setup.

    The option can be used when newer updates exist and your WSUS administrator hasn't approved them yet. In previous versions in windows it was just clickable text. "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update"

    Yes, it does seem to be a bug. I was hoping to see if anyone else has seen this or if it has been acknowledged\confirmed anywhere.

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  • Is the system at least receiving the updates?

  • Yes, I can download updates. The question is how is it intended to work and is it working as intended.