Unifi Switch vs EdgeSwitch

  • Any one here used either/both of these switches?

    I haven't looked yet, but do you know if Edgeswitch can be controlled by the Unifi Controller software? (I'm guessing not because you can't integrate the ERL with the controller software, only the Unifi Security Gateway).

    I'm batting a ZERO right now - I asked my vendor for a Unifi switch, they sent me a quote for Unifi and Edgeswitch - said they were basically the same - and silly me (drowning in my building move) didn't take the time to confirm that one was Edge and one was Unifi... and of course I wound up with the EdgeSwitch - which defeats the entire purpose I was going for ..... to integrate the switch with the controller software.


  • The Unifi Switch is meant to be an access switch, the Edgeswitch is meant to be a core switch. I believe the Unifi is Layer 2 only, the Edge is layer 3.

  • and that is what my vendor said - but then there is this vendor

    who indicates on their site that it does support Layer 3.