Do you want to be a Windows Update node?

  • One new thing with Windows 10 is the fact that Microsoft is not letting home users disable Windows Updates. This is seriously a good thing.

    One of the problems with the new Windows Update settings though is that by default all Windows 10 computers are members of a Windows update cluster. Basically a massive torrent distribution network for Windows Updates.

    This is a simultaneously good and bad thing for people on metered internet connections around the world.

    For me, it is simply something I do not want running on my network.

    Click on the Start button then settings.
    2015-07-29 12_02_51-Program Manager.png

    Click on Updates & security
    2015-07-29 12_03_21-.png

    Note: Home users can only choose to schedule the restart, not stop the download or installation of them:
    2015-07-29 11_53_42-.png

    Click on Advanced options
    2015-07-29 11_53_08-Settings.png

    Click on Choose how your updates are delivered
    2015-07-29 11_53_42-.png

    For people that may want to minimized downloads to mulitple computers on the same network, I would recommend leaving the setting turned on, but to change it to be PCs on my local network.
    For myself, I turn it completely off.
    2015-07-29 11_56_03-Screenshots.png

  • Wow - I knew about the local machine idea - which I think is awesome! but to the internet like torrent - uhhhh NO THANKS - EVER!

  • The preview has always had the option for local network or Internet. Oh that the sending part can't be selected between the two. We're still going to keep using WSUS though.