ReadyNAS 312

  • We are in the process of testing out the READYNAS.

    My Initial opinions:
    SUPER easy to setup it took less than 5 minutes to get to updating firmware
    Easy to just see on the network and start uploading files.
    ready nas ambassador.jpg

    Now @mike

  • How's the security on it? or does it not really matter since it's for home?

  • @Dashrender Security is decent, you're able to set individual users with different permissions for access, a host account, a root account, an online account, and a registered NetGear account.

  • Setup was incredibly simple and smooth, I'm very happy with it. Had a small issue with it not accepting login information for the WebUI, but a very quick email to NetGear and this was fixed almost immediately. It's now fully configured after about 15 minutes of setup, and is working beautifully. The Toshiba 1TB drives it came with are allowing very snappy file retrieval and uploading to the NAS, and file organization has been very simple.

  • Nice!

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