Office 365: Outlook error

  • I've run into this a few more times than I would have expected. User is able to sign into their account via Chrome and IE, so it doesn't appear to be an account issue.

    Moving people over, I'm exporting their mail, renaming the Outlook folder and then removing the profile. I create a new profile and start the Exchange account build using auto discovery.

    All goes well until the last part - the log in which fails. If I cancel it, I get a pop up box with the server settings. I have confirmed the settings; username and password.

    This is maybe the third person I have seen this with.


  • Interesting, I have never seen that. I have had a user fail to setup before, but I just assumed it was one off and started over.

  • @g.jacobse I have seen this before as well. Take a look at this hotfix. I have had to install this on the machines before i try to connect to exchange online: outlook2010-kb2687608-fullfile-x86-glb <-- that is the executable that i have to run.

  • Thanks @david.wiese, I'll look at that. I had two thoughts going when it started to occur,.. AV issue or OS issue...

    But doesn't seem to be related.

  • Tad bit frustrated - 3 different computers, and still an issue.


    Running the hotfix for KB2687608 it's not seeing that Office 2010 is installed, on either a x86 or x64 system.

  • Also
    Of course this is happening to the Executive Director and the Director of Operations,...

  • This is rather frustrating.

    User Account setup completes normally, but when you open Outlook it asks for a password repeatedly. When you hit cancel you get this 'error'..

    I found another KB which didn't do any better either.

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