Resume Review - It's that time of year

  • With COVID-19 and it having been a few years since my last job change I figured it's time to update my resume and get some peer review of it.


  • Fixed that typo, thanks to whoever pointed it out.

  • This may be your intention but the text is hard to read. Just for fun I put it through a text readability analyzer and the verdict was: "extremely difficult to read". Now, it's a resume and not a general text so the results have to be taken with a pinch of salt. But it may be something you want to take into consideration, especially if it is intended to be consumed online. You might want to make it more friendly to quickly scan through the text.

  • I like having at least a short one or two sentence description of each job to give kind of a "this is what the job was" highlight. Then the bullet points of highlights or skills/tasks is great.

  • It's nit-picky but it's on-premises not on-premise.

  • Also who it belonged to should be to whom it belonged 😛

  • Updated, thanks!

  • Way too much focus on endpoint management for a system admin role

  • Here is my more detailed feedback:

    75% of your resume focuses on endpoints. Even if that is 75% of your job, I would not make it 75% of your resume. You want your resume to focus on where you are going, and what are you are capable of doing. We get it you can deploy printers and software. Why is that taking so many lines of your resume?

    This doesn't seem like a major project to highlight on a resume

    This project is better, but I would be more careful how I worded it. FOSS is not a no-cost solution. I also feel like the whole first sentence is a mess.

    Uh, what?

    Let me take a swing at this one:

    • Replatformed physical servers to a virtual environment using Xen Server. Virtualization allowed better management, backups, and resource allocation to existing serves, and allowed for expansion due to the elasticity of virtualization.
    • Supported Server 20008, Ubuntu 18.04, CentOS7, and company workstations (Windows 7 and 10)
    • Leveraged virtualization to implement Disaster Recovery and Planning procedures and documentations
    • Implemented Asset management using (whatever tool you used)
    • Leave the Mobile fleet line out. Nobody cares about numbers of workstations you supported and especially printers. And who tf cares about laptops vs desktops?

    Same thing about the numbers here. I do think it is important to mention a multi-site facility, but again nobody cares about the numbers and what you think is impressive is not really that impressive outside SMB. Not going to write these bullet points for you, but use my critiques above.


    What's the difference between these highlighted points?

  • Updated with the proposed edits.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • You could probably take away Major Project section and make that a bullet point under a role.

    Also I like to list my skills under each role. It's any easy place to list your skills without using bulletpoints


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