...It just wasn't designed with mouse in mind

  • I keep noticing that statement around a lot in response to certain desktop environment layouts. My first time noticing it was with Windows 8, GNOME3 and maybe Unity back in the days.

    With Windows 8, I understand the annoyances with not having a start menu button. But the one thing Windows 8 did for me was forcing me to start using keyboard shortcuts and to search for what I'm looking for. And I still put that in practice even with today's desktop environments. But that's not always the case for other users, so I understand that.

    So I'm curious about what your opinion when you see or hear someone say that the desktop environment just wasn't designed with mouse in mind?

    Is it an inconvenience using a mouse on certain desktops?
    Is it because you have to click more than you want to in order to find what you are looking for?
    Is it because the spacing is inefficient, like having to move the mouse across the screen to access certain items?

  • Well Windows 8 was not designed with users in mind. It seems to have been meant to just lie dormant and never be touched as absolutely nothing was easy or obvious.

  • Any time I come across a system that is GUI driven, but has no obvious means of input do I immediately hate it. Windows 8 is the only example I can think of that did this, because MS specifically thought the desktop was dead, long live the tablet and built solely for that platform.

    A touch interface is great for a lot of use cases, but a system needs to support multiple input options.

  • Many time yes it is an inconvenience.
    Clicking a lot just sucks. You should know what you want to do. Just type it and open it. Like the command line.
    Spacing is also an issue. It is slower and taxes my eyes more than just using a command whether in windows or linux.

  • Speaking of GNOME3 and its keyboard shortcuts.
    Youtube Video – [05:30..]

  • Idk I didn't mind the windows 8 interface because it felt like GNOME 3 to me.

    I have to wonder if Microsoft would have got the same push back if the internet was as prevelant back when they first introduced the start menu.

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