Setting up a UAP for use with Aloha POS

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    LOL - crazy - @WrCombs left out the fact that the UAP will be on a private non-routed network segment. So using an internet controller isn't possible, as the UAP can't reach the internet.


    This is a simple setup.

    Let me go make screenshots.

    First, sign in to your UniFi controller and create a new site.


    Name it


    Click on Settings


    Set your timezone and optionally disable the LED on the unit.

    Disable the LED because it will likely go into isolation and start flashing (been a while and I would have to test that bit). But you can leave it on also if it is not visible to people that might create a support issue if they see it flashing.

    Click Create a Wireless network


    Name it aloha, set the password and click save.


    Plug in your UAP and adopt it

    Obviously this means plug it into a network with internet access. Not the Aloha private network.

    Update the firmware to current

    Wait for it to reboot and come back online in the controller
    Optionally, give it a name based on the site you are sending it to.

    Unplug the UAP and put it on the private network

    The controller is never used again. Done, end of story.

    Join the devices to the aloha wifi.

    Get your work done.

  • In theory, you could even update the firmware on the UAP, in the future, by pre-downloading it on a device that presents it via a URL and then join that device to the aloha network.

    But that would be excessive amounts of work.

    Possibly the app could do it on an iPhone/Android device with LTE that is also joined to the aloha wifi.