SonataSuite Switchboard for VitalPBX

  • NTG just rolled out SonataSuite Switchboard for VitalPBX to use internally this week. So far we are loving it. I have it on a 27" monitor by my desk so that I can see calls coming in through the queues all day. Super handy. I have my customized to only show active handsets, trunks, and conference rooms (we don't use complex queues.)

    A lot of people in the company use BLF features on their phones or similar to monitor calls, but that is more limited (but does not require a monitor.) I love being able to see all of the call activity at a glance and know which trunks are in use.

    We do a lot of training calls, customer support calls, inbound helpdesk handling, and it has been just awesome to really get a feel for call patterns across the company since we don't sit in the same room (or even the same city.) It seems like we have a call ongoing at nearly every moment of the day, even late into the evening. And it has made answering "why is someone not answering in chat" or "why aren't they picking up the phone" questions so much easier. And has reduced a lot of "can't answer you now, I'm on the phone" messages since we know who is on the phone.

    We've used similar tools, like FOP2 in the past. But so far, I'm liking Sonata a little better. Super trivial to set up and was just $65.

    And as I type this, I can see that a three way call with a customer just began and who is tied up!

  • Very nice.

    That’s one thing that’s seriously missing from FusionPBX!