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  • Do any of you guys wear blue light blocking glasses? If so what do you think about them?

  • I tried them at various times but have never used them for a long period of time (don't own my own). I didn't really notice a difference.

  • My prescription lenses have some kind of coating on it that is supposed to block the "harmful blue light rays," but I've never tried the yellow tinted glasses. I can definitely see a difference looking at my monitor through my lenses vs. naked eyes. I would say for the better.

    My opinion could be skewed by the fact that I've needed prescription glasses for a while now and finally just got them. My eyes feel so much better when I'm going to sleep. Way less fatigued.

  • That "harmful light blocking" coating for prescription lenses really helps. My eyes get sore after a full day of looking at my screen if i forget them at home. Also, i used to wear Gunnar glasses. Could not believe how blue the screen looked if i took them off after wearing them for a couple of hours. I looked funny with them though, because the actual glass was yellow.
    Can't say much about their clear glass - never tried them. But i assume it has a similar "harmful light blocking" coating applied.

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  • For the first two hours I wore them it seemed like it made no difference. My eyes are starting to feel more relaxed though. I wasnt sure If I would keep these or not because the frame is really nerdy looking, but I don't care as long as they help my eyes.

  • I use blue reduction on my screens, not via my glasses, and I do notice a difference over time with that, if that helps.

  • @scottalanmiller said in Blue light glasses:

    I use blue reduction on my screens, not via my glasses, and I do notice a difference over time with that, if that helps.

    Same for me, especially on my phone .

  • I use them pretty consistently at night. It might be a placebo effect, but I think they improve my sleep quality. I don't wake up in the middle of the night as much when I wear them (and am using devices quite a bit) in the hours before sleep.

  • @Kelly For this alone I may need to try them. Any brand recommendations?

  • @wirestyle22 said in Blue light glasses:

    @Kelly For this alone I may need to try them. Any brand recommendations?

    I got a cheap pair off of Amazon. They're not for fashion, just for blue light reduction. I look like a wannabe hipster when I'm wearing them, and at some point my 5 year old will probably break them. But I only paid $15 for them so I don't care 🙂 I'll see if I can dig up a link.

  • I tried some, but they made me nauseous. And no, there wasn't any magnification.

  • It's snake oil.

    Biggest problem with monitors is that people have them set too bright in relation to the surrounding light levels. That will cause eye strain. Just like looking into a led flash light.

  • @IRJ said in Blue light glasses:

    Do any of you guys wear blue light blocking glasses? If so what do you think about them?

    I have 2, one at home and one at office.

    Sure you can control your workstation but not others, I feel after getting used to them they make work longer periods of time and reduce eye fatigue, I no longer can stand 65K blue monitor or meeting room TV, some of those monitors are ridiculous bright so I wear them to reduce that. I also use them with
    redshift + flux software solutions.

  • After coming back from lunch I decided to leave the blue light glasses in the car. I feel like I had a hard time adjusting after using them.

  • We all wear them. Won't be around LED lights without them any more. Me, my family, co-workers, & friends......

    I have a long drawn out explanation and theory..... I'll give you the cliff notes version.

    We changed some bulbs in the house to LED and it was no big deal. We got a new PC at home with an LED screen and my wife started feeling like there was a migraine in her future, but it never came. Our kid's school went all LED in the gymnasium and after the first visit, my wife left with a terrible headache, and I was sore in the top of my eye sockets.

    It took a few weeks to figure it all out, but here is what our conclusion was; everyone has a different level of tolerance for LED lights; and it is cumulative! The sum total of all the LEDs I experience in a day only bother me a little, it only bothers my son a little, but it drives my wife into migraines.

    So after some reading, I found these Blue light filtering readers on amazon. I got a pair of 0 magnification for my son, a 1.75 for me and a 1.5 for my wife. We started wearing them only in from the computers screens (home, work, and school). It helped a lot. It stopped my wife's headaches outside the gym, but the gym was still a little much, so she wears them in the gym too.

    All the weird head achy feeling I was getting, my wife's migraines that started to flair up again, and my son's sore eyes after computer lab at school, are all gone. I've been telling people about them, and many people are now getting them because when they put them on, and can feel and see the difference.

    When I say feel better, I mean, if the LED was having ANY effect on you at all, wearing these really do make you feel better.
    If you weren't bothered very much at all by the LEDs, then you may not notice you feel better when you get away from these light until you start wearing these glasses around them. Remember what I said about the cumulative effect? It may take a day or two to realize they are helping.

    I hope this offers you some valuable insight. But even more, since you are asking about them, I hope you try them........

    Here's a link to the zero magnification:

  • @Kelly said in Blue light glasses:

    Here are the ones I got:

    Purchased these. Will report back.

  • I've them . 5 years now. My eyes don't bleed anymore and so I spend way more time in front of a screen 😞

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