Dell Drive Warranty Status

  • I have several failed Dell SAS drives and have no way of knowing the service tags of the servers they were removed from. Any way to obtain drive warranty status by the drives serial numbers?

  • I highly doubt they track all the part serials. You always have to provide server service tags.

  • I've never tried it with just the drive serial numbers. If you have a list of the dell service tags that the drives may have been in, you can punch those in to dell's site and see which drives shipped with what, then use that service tag to get a replacement.

  • No,... drives are consumables and aren't going to be attached that way-.... Model yes... SN... not likely.

    If the server is still running you can get the Dell Service tag via CLI.

    wmic bios get serialnumber

  • Register the drives on WDs site, then submit them for replacement. I've done a bunch of those. If you don't know the server they were in and can't go through the Dell warranty, then yeah you need to go through WD, or call Dell to see if they recorded which drive serial number goes with which Dell Tag #.

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