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  • Can a BLF key be configured to show login state for agents of a queue?

    Endpoints are yealink t42s and are configured using the FreePBX EPM.

    I configured the BLF key in the EPM with the following value :


    where 730 is the queue number as assigned in our system.

    This works in that pressing the BLF key will toggle the logon state for the agent correctly, but the key itself doesn't change color as I was expecting to indicate whether the endpoint is currently logged off or on.

    Trying to debug I think this may be related to how the hints are setup. When I do a core show hints I do see the following :

    *45*250*[email protected]:                       State:Unavailable     Presence:not_set         Watchers  2

    but I'm not sure how to interpret this. What does a Presense value of not_set indicate? Do I need to do anything to initialize it?

    Is there any good documentation on how BLF hints in general work in FreePBX?

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    Looks like your question was answered here from last year.

  • @DustinB3403 said in FreePBX / Queue Login/out state on BLF key ...:

    Looks like your question was answered here from last year.

    Thanks, this did it.

    I had put an extra * between the toggle code and the extension. Which interestingly enough still worked to allow an agent to login/out but didn't work with the BLF hints apparently. Once I changed as per the link you referenced it worked as expected.

    For those that are interested I changed the BLF value in the EPM definition to :


    (no * between *45 and the extension number):

    Now a core show hints displays :

    *45250*[email protected]: Custom:QUEUE250*730   State:Idle            Presence:not_set         Watchers  1

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