Veeam Restore points clarification

  • I think I have this all correct, but want someone (and hey, look the internet will beat on anything wrong) to verify me.


    • 32 days of locally available backups (hypervisor level, application is separate).
    • Full backups that runs monthly on staggered Fridays
    • Daily incremental backups


    • Backups run daily at 18:00 in sequence (jobs are chained) for all of the virtual machines on the server.
    • Based on file size of the fulls, the full backups are staggered over the various Fridays in the month (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Friday).
    • Daily Incremental - Not forever forward incrementals in order to prevent the full form getting rewrote
    • Restore points to keep on disk set to 32 - This should mea I always have 2 full backups and their incrementals. After the 3rd full backup (and a day or three of incrementals depending on the month, it should purge the old full.

    Here are screenshots of the Veeam B&R job settings



    Since the job has not hit the 4th friday for the 3rd time yet, I have a love more than my required 32 days. This is what I expect. Just wanting to bounce this off more eyes.

  • That should be expected and looks correct.

    4 weeks in a month, approaching the 2 month mark for full backups.

  • Yes, and here is a sample that has purged already.

    Which is why I assume it is all correct, but I just wanted more eyes.


    When you click to restore a file, you can get the easy view of the restore points.


    Same settings, but full on the 2nd Friday.



  • Still 10 days to go for the Nextcloud VM.


  • This should be fine. I have a similar configuration with restore points and it works as designed.