Setting up a Skyetel Trunk on FreePBX

  • So contrary to @scottalanmiller's post here, it is not "simple" to setup a trunk on FreePBX. But it is not complicated if you know how FreePBX works.

    Following Skyetel's documentation, you will end up with green lights in their dashboard.


    You will make outbound calls, but the instructions neglect a few details to ensure your inbound calls flow.

    Navigate to the Local (or toll-free) numbers section of your Skyetel account. and then click on the gear after the number you want to edit.

    Choose the SIP format you want the inbound DID delivered as, it seems to default to 1NPANXXXXXX.

    You will have to match this in the Inbound Route in FreePBX.

    Also in the Skyetel account number settings, you need to choose an Endpoint Group to route the call to.

    Finally, you need to allow their IP addresses in through the firewall if you are using it.
    I typically use the "Local" group for SIP trunk providers.

    I setup the firewall services to match.

  • Don't forget to set your Codec to G722.

  • @scottalanmiller said in Setting up a Skyetel Trunk on FreePBX:

    Don't forget to set your Codec to G722.

    As I noted, the basic Guide for trunk creation was solid, and that was in that guide.

    This handles the rest.

  • @scottalanmiller said in Setting up a Skyetel Trunk on FreePBX:

    Don't forget to set your Codec to G722.

    But always offer G711 🙂

    We do our best to deliver calls over G722 and follow your preferred priority (based on what you put in your SIP), but when we can't get the call delivered over G722, we fall back to G711.

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