Create a Voice Mailbox on for a remote Mitel PBX node

  • I have a three node PBX (two Mitel 5000's and an Inter-Tel Axxess). The main Mitel 5000 (PBX-A) hosts all voice mailboxes.

    To create a voice mailbox for one of the remote notes:

    From the voicemail hosting PBX:
    Voice processor > Devices > Extensions IDs > xxxx (the remote PBX node) > locate the extension you want to add voicemail to and delete it.
    Voice processor > Devices > Mailboxes > xxxx (the remote PBX Node) > right click > Create associated mailbox > IP/ Digital Off-Note Device > pick the desired extension (if not listed look back under Extension IDs and make sure it’s NOT listed) > OK - Done

    From the PBX hosting the extension:

    Set a forwarding destination on the extension itself to voicemail. This enables the phone to forward calls to voicemail when they hit the phone, otherwise calls could only get into voicemail if a person direct transferred call to the desired voicemail box.

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