CentOS 7 - Massive round of updates today

  • So just going through my morning routine and checking my systems for updates and my CentOS boxes each have 314 updates.

    Quite the large batch of fixes being rolled out before year end.

  • Wow that is a large batch. It seems like there haven't been many updates at all for last month or two though. Surprising to drop that many at once.

  • @zachary715 said in CentOS 7 - Massive round of updates today:

    Wow that is a large batch. It seems like there haven't been many updates at all for last month or two though. Surprising to drop that many at once.

    It usually slows down before a dot release.

  • @zachary715 said in CentOS 7 - Massive round of updates today:

    Wow that is a large batch. It seems like there haven't been many updates at all for last month or two though. Surprising to drop that many at once.

    Yeah I was starting to wonder myself

  • Quiet update day for Fedora.

  • CentOS 7, fully updated before today. Relatively tight system, not a lot of sprawl. Update list...

    Dependencies Resolved
     Package                          Arch        Version                             Repository     Size
     grub2                            x86_64      1:2.02-0.76.el7.centos              base           30 k
         replacing  grub2.x86_64 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2
     grub2-tools                      x86_64      1:2.02-0.76.el7.centos              base          1.8 M
         replacing  grub2-tools.x86_64 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2
     grub2-tools-extra                x86_64      1:2.02-0.76.el7.centos              base          995 k
         replacing  grub2-tools.x86_64 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2
     grub2-tools-minimal              x86_64      1:2.02-0.76.el7.centos              base          172 k
         replacing  grub2-tools.x86_64 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2
     kernel                           x86_64      3.10.0-957.1.3.el7                  updates        48 M
     GeoIP                            x86_64      1.5.0-13.el7                        base          1.5 M
     NetworkManager                   x86_64      1:1.12.0-8.el7_6                    updates       1.7 M
     NetworkManager-libnm             x86_64      1:1.12.0-8.el7_6                    updates       1.4 M
     NetworkManager-ppp               x86_64      1:1.12.0-8.el7_6                    updates       164 k
     NetworkManager-tui               x86_64      1:1.12.0-8.el7_6                    updates       239 k
     NetworkManager-wifi              x86_64      1:1.12.0-8.el7_6                    updates       187 k
     alsa-lib                         x86_64      1.1.6-2.el7                         base          424 k
     audit                            x86_64      2.8.4-4.el7                         base          250 k
     audit-libs                       x86_64      2.8.4-4.el7                         base          100 k
     audit-libs-python                x86_64      2.8.4-4.el7                         base           76 k
     bash                             x86_64      4.2.46-31.el7                       base          1.0 M
     bind-libs-lite                   x86_64      32:9.9.4-72.el7                     base          741 k
     bind-license                     noarch      32:9.9.4-72.el7                     base           86 k
     binutils                         x86_64      2.27-34.base.el7                    base          5.9 M
     centos-release                   x86_64      7-6.1810.2.el7.centos               base           26 k
     checkpolicy                      x86_64      2.5-8.el7                           base          295 k
     coreutils                        x86_64      8.22-23.el7                         base          3.3 M
     cpp                              x86_64      4.8.5-36.el7                        base          5.9 M
     cronie                           x86_64      1.4.11-20.el7_6                     updates        91 k
     cronie-anacron                   x86_64      1.4.11-20.el7_6                     updates        36 k
     cryptsetup-libs                  x86_64      2.0.3-3.el7                         base          338 k
     curl                             x86_64      7.29.0-51.el7                       base          269 k
     dbus                             x86_64      1:1.10.24-12.el7                    base          245 k
     dbus-libs                        x86_64      1:1.10.24-12.el7                    base          169 k
     device-mapper                    x86_64      7:1.02.149-10.el7_6.2               updates       292 k
     device-mapper-event              x86_64      7:1.02.149-10.el7_6.2               updates       188 k
     device-mapper-event-libs         x86_64      7:1.02.149-10.el7_6.2               updates       187 k
     device-mapper-libs               x86_64      7:1.02.149-10.el7_6.2               updates       320 k
     dmidecode                        x86_64      1:3.1-2.el7                         base           78 k
     dnsmasq                          x86_64      2.76-7.el7                          base          278 k
     dracut                           x86_64      033-554.el7                         base          327 k
     dracut-config-rescue             x86_64      033-554.el7                         base           59 k
     dracut-network                   x86_64      033-554.el7                         base          102 k
     e2fsprogs                        x86_64      1.42.9-13.el7                       base          699 k
     e2fsprogs-libs                   x86_64      1.42.9-13.el7                       base          167 k
     elfutils-default-yama-scope      noarch      0.172-2.el7                         base           32 k
     elfutils-libelf                  x86_64      0.172-2.el7                         base          194 k
     elfutils-libs                    x86_64      0.172-2.el7                         base          285 k
     ethtool                          x86_64      2:4.8-9.el7                         base          127 k
     file                             x86_64      5.11-35.el7                         base           57 k
     file-libs                        x86_64      5.11-35.el7                         base          340 k
     findutils                        x86_64      1:4.5.11-6.el7                      base          559 k
     firewalld                        noarch      0.5.3-5.el7                         base          431 k
     firewalld-filesystem             noarch      0.5.3-5.el7                         base           49 k
     freetype                         x86_64      2.8-12.el7                          base          380 k
     gcc                              x86_64      4.8.5-36.el7                        base           16 M
     git                              x86_64                      updates       4.4 M
     glib-networking                  x86_64      2.56.1-1.el7                        base          145 k
     glib2                            x86_64      2.56.1-2.el7                        base          2.5 M
     glibc                            x86_64      2.17-260.el7                        base          3.6 M
     glibc-common                     x86_64      2.17-260.el7                        base           11 M
     glibc-devel                      x86_64      2.17-260.el7                        base          1.1 M
     glibc-headers                    x86_64      2.17-260.el7                        base          683 k
     gnutls                           x86_64      3.3.29-8.el7                        base          680 k
     gobject-introspection            x86_64      1.56.1-1.el7                        base          241 k
     grub2-common                     noarch      1:2.02-0.76.el7.centos              base          728 k
     grub2-pc                         x86_64      1:2.02-0.76.el7.centos              base           31 k
     grub2-pc-modules                 noarch      1:2.02-0.76.el7.centos              base          846 k
     grubby                           x86_64      8.28-25.el7                         base           70 k
     gsettings-desktop-schemas        x86_64      3.28.0-2.el7                        base          605 k
     httpd                            x86_64      2.4.6-88.el7.centos                 base          2.7 M
     httpd-tools                      x86_64      2.4.6-88.el7.centos                 base           90 k
     hwdata                           x86_64      0.252-9.1.el7                       base          2.3 M
     initscripts                      x86_64      9.49.46-1.el7                       base          439 k
     iprutils                         x86_64                      base          243 k
     ipset                            x86_64      6.38-3.el7_6                        updates        43 k
     ipset-libs                       x86_64      6.38-3.el7_6                        updates        50 k
     iptables                         x86_64      1.4.21-28.el7                       base          433 k
     iwl100-firmware                  noarch                    base          157 k
     iwl1000-firmware                 noarch      1:                  base          220 k
     iwl105-firmware                  noarch                   base          241 k
     iwl135-firmware                  noarch                   base          250 k
     iwl2000-firmware                 noarch                   base          243 k
     iwl2030-firmware                 noarch                   base          252 k
     iwl3160-firmware                 noarch                     base          1.7 M
     iwl3945-firmware                 noarch                    base           95 k
     iwl4965-firmware                 noarch                  base          108 k
     iwl5000-firmware                 noarch                   base          301 k
     iwl5150-firmware                 noarch                     base          153 k
     iwl6000-firmware                 noarch                    base          173 k
     iwl6000g2a-firmware              noarch                   base          316 k
     iwl6000g2b-firmware              noarch                   base          317 k
     iwl6050-firmware                 noarch                    base          249 k
     iwl7260-firmware                 noarch                     base          1.1 M
     kbd                              x86_64      1.15.5-15.el7                       base          348 k
     kbd-legacy                       noarch      1.15.5-15.el7                       base          466 k
     kbd-misc                         noarch      1.15.5-15.el7                       base          1.4 M
     kernel-headers                   x86_64      3.10.0-957.1.3.el7                  updates       8.0 M
     kernel-tools                     x86_64      3.10.0-957.1.3.el7                  updates       7.1 M
     kernel-tools-libs                x86_64      3.10.0-957.1.3.el7                  updates       7.0 M
     kexec-tools                      x86_64      2.0.15-21.el7                       base          343 k
     kmod                             x86_64      20-23.el7                           base          121 k
     kmod-libs                        x86_64      20-23.el7                           base           50 k
     kpartx                           x86_64      0.4.9-123.el7                       base           77 k
     krb5-libs                        x86_64      1.15.1-34.el7                       base          763 k
     libX11                           x86_64      1.6.5-2.el7                         base          606 k
     libX11-common                    noarch      1.6.5-2.el7                         base          164 k
     libblkid                         x86_64      2.23.2-59.el7                       base          181 k
     libcgroup                        x86_64      0.41-20.el7                         base           66 k
     libcom_err                       x86_64      1.42.9-13.el7                       base           41 k
     libcroco                         x86_64      0.6.12-4.el7                        base          105 k
     libcurl                          x86_64      7.29.0-51.el7                       base          221 k
     libdrm                           x86_64      2.4.91-3.el7                        base          153 k
     libfastjson                      x86_64      0.99.4-3.el7                        base           27 k
     libgcc                           x86_64      4.8.5-36.el7                        base          102 k
     libgomp                          x86_64      4.8.5-36.el7                        base          157 k
     libgudev1                        x86_64      219-62.el7                          base           95 k
     libicu                           x86_64      50.1.2-17.el7                       base          6.9 M
     libmount                         x86_64      2.23.2-59.el7                       base          182 k
     libselinux                       x86_64      2.5-14.1.el7                        base          162 k
     libselinux-python                x86_64      2.5-14.1.el7                        base          235 k
     libselinux-utils                 x86_64      2.5-14.1.el7                        base          151 k
     libsemanage                      x86_64      2.5-14.el7                          base          151 k
     libsemanage-python               x86_64      2.5-14.el7                          base          113 k
     libsepol                         x86_64      2.5-10.el7                          base          297 k
     libsoup                          x86_64      2.62.2-2.el7                        base          411 k
     libss                            x86_64      1.42.9-13.el7                       base           46 k
     libssh2                          x86_64      1.4.3-12.el7                        base          134 k
     libstdc++                        x86_64      4.8.5-36.el7                        base          304 k
     libuuid                          x86_64      2.23.2-59.el7                       base           82 k
     libuuid-devel                    x86_64      2.23.2-59.el7                       base           91 k
     libxcb                           x86_64      1.13-1.el7                          base          214 k
     linux-firmware                   noarch      20180911-69.git85c5d90.el7          base           49 M
     lm_sensors                       x86_64      3.4.0-6.20160601gitf9185e5.el7      base          140 k
     lm_sensors-libs                  x86_64      3.4.0-6.20160601gitf9185e5.el7      base           42 k
     logrotate                        x86_64      3.8.6-17.el7                        base           70 k
     lvm2                             x86_64      7:2.02.180-10.el7_6.2               updates       1.3 M
     lvm2-libs                        x86_64      7:2.02.180-10.el7_6.2               updates       1.1 M
     man-db                           x86_64      2.6.3-11.el7                        base          832 k
     microcode_ctl                    x86_64      2:2.1-47.el7                        base          1.4 M
     net-tools                        x86_64      2.0-0.24.20131004git.el7            base          306 k
     nmap-ncat                        x86_64      2:6.40-16.el7                       base          206 k
     nss-pem                          x86_64      1.0.3-5.el7                         base           74 k
     openldap                         x86_64      2.4.44-20.el7                       base          355 k
     openssl                          x86_64      1:1.0.2k-16.el7                     base          493 k
     openssl-libs                     x86_64      1:1.0.2k-16.el7                     base          1.2 M
     perl                             x86_64      4:5.16.3-293.el7                    base          8.0 M
     perl-CPAN                        noarch      1.9800-293.el7                      base          293 k
     perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder           noarch      1:                  base           68 k
     perl-ExtUtils-Embed              noarch      1.30-293.el7                        base           50 k
     perl-ExtUtils-Install            noarch      1.58-293.el7                        base           74 k
     perl-Git                         noarch                      updates        55 k
     perl-IO-Zlib                     noarch      1:1.10-293.el7                      base           51 k
     perl-Locale-Maketext-Simple      noarch      1:0.21-293.el7                      base           50 k
     perl-Module-CoreList             noarch      1:2.76.02-293.el7                   base           86 k
     perl-Module-Loaded               noarch      1:0.08-293.el7                      base           46 k
     perl-Object-Accessor             noarch      1:0.42-293.el7                      base           56 k
     perl-Package-Constants           noarch      1:0.02-293.el7                      base           45 k
     perl-Pod-Escapes                 noarch      1:1.04-293.el7                      base           51 k
     perl-Time-Piece                  x86_64      1.20.1-293.el7                      base           69 k
     perl-core                        x86_64      5.16.3-293.el7                      base           43 k
     perl-devel                       x86_64      4:5.16.3-293.el7                    base          453 k
     perl-libs                        x86_64      4:5.16.3-293.el7                    base          688 k
     perl-macros                      x86_64      4:5.16.3-293.el7                    base           44 k
     php-common                       x86_64      5.4.16-46.el7                       base          565 k
     policycoreutils                  x86_64      2.5-29.el7                          base          916 k
     policycoreutils-python           x86_64      2.5-29.el7                          base          456 k
     polkit                           x86_64      0.112-18.el7                        base          168 k
     postfix                          x86_64      2:2.10.1-7.el7                      base          2.4 M
     procps-ng                        x86_64      3.3.10-23.el7                       base          291 k
     pyOpenSSL                        x86_64      0.13.1-4.el7                        base          135 k
     python                           x86_64      2.7.5-76.el7                        base           94 k
     python-firewall                  noarch      0.5.3-5.el7                         base          331 k
     python-libs                      x86_64      2.7.5-76.el7                        base          5.6 M
     python-linux-procfs              noarch      0.4.9-4.el7                         base           33 k
     python-perf                      x86_64      3.10.0-957.1.3.el7                  updates       7.1 M
     python-tornado                   x86_64      4.2.1-4.el7                         base          641 k
     python-urlgrabber                noarch      3.10-9.el7                          base          108 k
     python2-futures                  noarch      3.1.1-5.el7                         base           29 k
     python2-psutil                   x86_64      2.2.1-4.el7                         epel          116 k
     rpm                              x86_64      4.11.3-35.el7                       base          1.2 M
     rpm-build-libs                   x86_64      4.11.3-35.el7                       base          106 k
     rpm-libs                         x86_64      4.11.3-35.el7                       base          277 k
     rpm-python                       x86_64      4.11.3-35.el7                       base           83 k
     rsyslog                          x86_64      8.24.0-34.el7                       base          614 k
     selinux-policy                   noarch      3.13.1-229.el7_6.6                  updates       483 k
     selinux-policy-targeted          noarch      3.13.1-229.el7_6.6                  updates       6.9 M
     setools-libs                     x86_64      3.3.8-4.el7                         base          620 k
     setup                            noarch      2.8.71-10.el7                       base          166 k
     shadow-utils                     x86_64      2:                    base          1.1 M
     sudo                             x86_64      1.8.23-3.el7                        base          841 k
     sysstat                          x86_64      10.1.5-17.el7                       base          315 k
     systemd                          x86_64      219-62.el7                          base          5.1 M
     systemd-libs                     x86_64      219-62.el7                          base          405 k
     systemd-python                   x86_64      219-62.el7                          base          132 k
     systemd-sysv                     x86_64      219-62.el7                          base           83 k
     systemtap-sdt-devel              x86_64      3.3-3.el7                           base           74 k
     tar                              x86_64      2:1.26-35.el7                       base          846 k
     tuned                            noarch      2.10.0-6.el7                        base          254 k
     tzdata                           noarch      2018g-1.el7                         updates       484 k
     util-linux                       x86_64      2.23.2-59.el7                       base          2.0 M
     vim-minimal                      x86_64      2:7.4.160-5.el7                     base          437 k
     wget                             x86_64      1.14-18.el7                         base          547 k
     wpa_supplicant                   x86_64      1:2.6-12.el7                        base          1.2 M
     xfsprogs                         x86_64      4.5.0-18.el7                        base          897 k
     yum                              noarch      3.4.3-161.el7.centos                base          1.2 M
     yum-plugin-fastestmirror         noarch      1.1.31-50.el7                       base           34 k
     yum-utils                        noarch      1.1.31-50.el7                       base          121 k
     zlib                             x86_64      1.2.7-18.el7                        base           90 k
     zlib-devel                       x86_64      1.2.7-18.el7                        base           50 k
     kernel                           x86_64      3.10.0-862.3.3.el7                  @updates       62 M
    Installing for dependencies:
     libpng                           x86_64      2:1.5.13-7.el7_2                    base          213 k
     libsmartcols                     x86_64      2.23.2-59.el7                       base          140 k
    Transaction Summary
    Install    5 Packages (+2 Dependent packages)
    Upgrade  200 Packages
    Remove     1 Package
    Total download size: 284 M

  • @scottalanmiller Yeah I check daily for updates to make sure my things are up to par and was surprised when I saw such a huge list of updates waiting.