Asset Management - From an Accountants Perspective

  • From an accountants perspective, what would/do they need in a fixed asset management system? I'm looking for in depth explanations and formula.

    Depreciation reporting is one that I know is needed. To the day and month depending on the organization.

  • Have you tried asking the same question to your accountant?

    I'm actually working with one of the account team at work to help with switching from excel to Snipe-IT.

  • @black3dynamite said in Asset Management - From an Accountants Perspective:

    I'm actually working with one of the account team at work to help with switching from excel to Snipe-IT.

    This is what I'm trying to get too, but they seem tight lipped about the kind of functionality that they need in Snipe-IT that "Excel" does.

    So I was hoping to get a bunch of input from people who might be in the same boat and submit Feature Requests to have these accountant needs added.

  • Besides various depreciations calculations, I'm not sure WTF they could want.

  • Well depreciation is one of them, we use straight line depreciation here for pretty much everything. But better reports maybe, and a field that shows <something>

    I'm not really sure, so just looking for things that others might actually use since I'm getting about as much information from them as I would if I was talking to my chair. .

  • You'll go crazy trying to see from their perspective without them communicating with you about what they want.

    Here's a visual of what the account team needs for student laptops.

    Laptop Summary

    New Laptops

    Used Laptops


  • @black3dynamite And that's the issue. One they don't say "I need this", I've heard "It doesn't look like this".

    Which all of the details you've posted are already in Snipe-IT. And the only thing I've heard as being needed was 1 depreciation formula, which is scheduled for release in 5.0.0.

  • @DustinB3403 said in Asset Management - From an Accountants Perspective:

    "It doesn't look like this"

    +1 for that

  • My biggest reason for SnipeIT or any web-based asset management is to consolidate multiple spreadsheets.
    We have multiple campuses and each campus is provided with that spreadsheet and must maintain and be submitted each month to the account team.
    One of the features of Snipe-IT that will help with restricting users and assets is using the multiple companies support feature and create

  • I'm a fan of consolidated services. Why have accounting use one thing (even if it's been that way "forever") and than have the IT department have something else.

    There is so much overlap and critical data that accounting isn't receiving or IT never has for company assets that is just being lost or not considered as important.

    Yet if a laptop is lost or damaged, it would be wise to input that data into a central location so accounting can depreciate or offset the cost of repairs against the original purchase.

  • So anyways, what features do accountants need for asset purposes?