OSX Setup via Command Line - Specifically VPN network

  • As I dive more and more into the OSX command line setup since NetBoot (and subsequently Imaging over a network) is dead I'm finding more options to quickly get these devices configured.

    One thing I haven't yet found is a way to add a network interface for a VPN and this would be a very nice piece to add and ensure that it works every time without having to type in the settings over and over.

    Is anyone able to help guide me to finding a solution here, I'm still searching but haven't yet seen something definitive. A lot of topics on how to connect to a VPN via the command-line, but I need to specifically add one first!

  • @DustinB3403 Zerotier would be really easy to script. Is that an option?

  • @travisdh1 We have an on premise solution and its not ZT.

    Basically I just need guidance on how to add a network interface, set the type and settings.

  • I got it from here

    brew install macosvpn

    sudo macosvpn create --l2tp Atlantic --endpoint atlantic.example.com --username ' ' --password ' ' --shared-secret s3same

    You can provide ' ' for both the username and password, this allows any user to fill in as required.