What would you suggest for a Windows tablet?

  • Thinking of getting a tablet for support work, maybe run 1 VM, surfing, music, maybe a few videos.

    I'd need 8GB, a headphone jack, USB3, touch.

    Any suggestions?

  • @siringo

    Go 2 in 1 if possible.

    Like Acer one 10

    That said it will be an IT assistive thing not main

  • I'd go with either android or ios for the tablet. Keep the heavy work like VMs on a desktop or laptop.

    Why would you need touch screen access to a VM on a device with limited storage, RAM, and processor?

  • I use my gifted from Dad Surface 3 (original) with Intel Atom for most carry-about duties. It works quite well for remote support when required, but is my main input device as I prefer to write in OneNote and keep track of everything in there as well. Writing, for me, is the best way to help with memory retention.

    The new Surface Go is pretty much the same thing and has enough umph to do what you require.

    I prefer to stick with a Windows device for all around ecosystem integration.

  • I think Dell and HP have some decent ones, now.

  • @siringo said in What would you suggest for a Windows tablet?:

    Thinking of getting a tablet for support work, maybe run 1 VM, surfing, music, maybe a few videos.

    I'd need 8GB, a headphone jack, USB3, touch.

    Any suggestions?

    To act as a mobile hypervisor? Are you thinking Hyper-V or a Type 2?

  • Thanks everyone for the input.

    I've ended up moving away from tablets & 2 in 1s & looking into replacing my 17" laptop that weighs 3500000 tons.

    I hate shoddy build quality, which is hard to not find when looking at laptops, stumbled across a review of the Razr Blade 2018. Looked like great build quality, has all I want, but down here you're looking $4K, so that's out.

    Next an MSI GS65 Stealth, again good build quality, but down here $2800.

    Looked at video review of an Asus Vivobook, not bad, but build quality isn't top notch, looking at around $1800.

    Dell XPS 15, around $2400.

    I'm thinking of going for a UHD screen, but not sure if it'll just make everything too small, my eyesight is already turning to crap.

    Anyone use one of those portable 15.6" usb screens? I've been thinking of using one of them to get more screen real estate.

    I have a 15" Macbook Pro at home, it's about 3 years old, maybe I could put W10 on that but I'm not sure if the Mac keyboard will end up being a PITA????

    I don't do any gaming, just IT support stuff, no graphic or web design stuff.

    Any suggestions?

  • We've sent a lot of the Asus USB 3 MB168/9B series DisplayLink monitors plus I use one with my Tecra Z50-A series laptop. Together they weigh very little and it's neat to see the suits look over at the dual monitor setup while I'm waiting for a flight. ;0)

    Both laptop and monitor have the same resolution which I find to be best as mousing about between two different resolution monitors can be a bit of a pain.

    I'm looking to replace the Z50 at some point preferably with a 15" Surface Book series. But, they are quite pricey here in Canada so I'll stretch my Z50 out a bit longer.

    I replaced the spinner with an Intel SSD DC S3520 800GB SSD. That was like being handed an entirely new machine!

    I keep a 600GB Intel DC S3500 series SSD in a StarTech USB3 2.5" enclosure to provide added storage and for all of my demo VMs. The laptop, the Asus MB168B+, and the external SSD are about the best package I could and still can get for the money.

  • @siringo we are looking at getting one of thikarose USB screens for @Karlita

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