Linux Mint DNS Issue

  • I have been having a interesting issue with a Linux Mint box running into issues with not being able to find a page. Internally, I can SSH to it without trouble. But when looking for a web page it can't seem to find it.

    Reboot - seems fine - and then a while later - can't find it again.

    DNS is coming from the ERL, everything else on the network runs fine - Even setting DNS on Linux Mint doesn't seem to resolve the issue.

    As it happens, I disregarded this as just an oddity in my network - until I got a call from a fellow club member who is having the same issue with Linux Mint.

    With DNS offered by the ERL, or overridden by the Adapter - why would it not be able to find a page.


  • For DNS issues, always start with the results of the nslookup. What is Linux Mint saying it is getting for DNS results?

  • Also what's in /etc/resolve.conf?