Veeam Announces Details on their Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 2.0

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    • Product Architecture
    ○ Organization wizard reworked
    ○ Job wizard reworked
    ○ Permanent restore sessions
    ○ License changes
    ○ Advanced Possibilities

    • Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Changes

    • Exchange Online backup improvements
    ○ Support selection of users by groups
    ○ Security/distribution/dynamic distribution groups
    ○ Group/teams mailboxes
    ○ VEX permanent restore session
    ○ Backup on-premises journaling mailbox
    ○ Cloud Connect PIT/eDiscovery (deleted/all versions)
    ○ Full PowerShell/REST support

    • SharePoint Online backup
    ○ Sites/personal sites/group sites/subsites support
    ○ Classic/modern themes (site/list) backup and restore
    ○ Lists/Items/history/attachments/item permissions
    ○ Homepage: Master/publishing/wiki page backup
    ○ VESP SharePoint Restore (full PowerShell/REST)
    ○ VESP Permanent restore session
    ○ Cloud Connect PIT/eDiscovery (deleted/all versions)

    • OneDrive for Business
    ○ Backup of OneDrive for Business of users and groups
    ○ Extended attributes including shared access
    ○ Restore by Veeam Explorer for Microsoft OneDrive
    ○ OneDrive bulk restore/OneNote backup/restore
    ○ Full PowerShell/REST support
    ○ Veeam Explorer for Microsoft OneDrive permanent restore session
    ○ Cloud connect PIT/eDiscovery (deleted/all versions)
    ○ Restoring files also has the possibility of restoring permissions as well
    ○ Versioning

    • General Improvements
    ○ Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 auto-update notifications
    ○ Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Product upgrade
    ○ Proxy patch wizard
    ○ Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 color themes switch
    ○ Support information wizard
    ○ Collect logs (server, console, selected proxies)
    ○ Enabling / disabling extended logging

    Beta is out now
    Shooting for official at end of Q2/Beginning of Q3
    Cannot support Teams yet. Microsoft has not yet released APIs for Teams. Data for Teams is stored across other different services

    VBO Free edition limited to 10 users and 1 TB of data

  • There is a deep dive going on tomorrow for O365 V2. I'll get more information.

  • Sounds good.

    I really think this is a product more people need than they realize.

  • I've been using this for a few months now. Tested deleting an entire mailbox (small one for test) and was able to fully recover it. Love this product!

  • The backup for ODfB is a nice feature.

    Admins typically can't even access that, at least not easily.