Win 10 1709 NIC disabled when waking from sleep mode

  • Anyone else run into this?

    Windows 10 Pro 1709 new install last week. When it wakes from sleep mode, the NIC is disabled.

    What weirder, the tray icon declares the NIC as unplugged, not disabled.

    Right clicking and choosing enable from the NIC control panel does nothing. It just takes you through the motions, but nothing changes.

    Rebooting has thus far resolved the problem, but going to sleep again brings it right back.

    I was not able to check the NIC driver version - I will be doing that when I'm allowed access to the machine again.

  • First thought would be a driver incompatibility...

  • Do you allow the system to turn off the device to save power?

  • I have not seen that yet, but do you do Windows Drivers through Microsoft?

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