Install permissions

  • Hi All, I have a couple of techys on site at a client.
    How can I give them rights to install things on their computer? They are domain users at present but I want them to be able to allow them to install software without being prompted for the admin password? Thanks

  • Windows, I presume?

  • Often this is best handled through third party software or a custom script to handle it.

  • UAC is going to be an issue, even if they have permission, as that is there to ensure it is really them.

  • You could temporarily add them to the local administrators group on their computer.

    After they install what they need, remove them from the local admin group.

    That's really the only way to allow them to do it when they are logged in as themselves on their computers.

  • There isn't any easy answer to this one. The power to install is the power to infect.

  • Assuming you aren't going to watch over their shoulders you have a few options.

    To give you what you asked for, no prompting for admin you have to, make them a local admin on that machine and disable UAC (two very bad things in most of IT's opinions).

    Another option you could give them is to create a new local user that has local admin rights, and teach them how to use runas, or right click runas Admin then use that admin account to run the software when needed.

    This helps prevent normal daily activity from deeply trashing their system, but gives them the flexibility to do admin level things when needed.

  • Remember that if they can install things without any prompting, it means that malware will install without any prompting either. And that malware will have admin rights, not user rights.

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