What are you looking for when managing servers/desktops?

  • Outside of the standard : host, IP, Disk usage etc, what do you all look for in managing servers and or desktops?

    What kind of things do you think puts one software above another?

    what is the most useful information that you can think of ?

    Thanks ahead of time

  • Version of OS
    patches installed (really a list of missing patches would be better)
    with all of the cloud services out there, an indication which host it's on (i.e. Vultr, AWS, Azure, Google, RackSpace, etc) and a link to their status page

  • what software is installed and the version

  • Would live chats, virtualization monitoring be important to you as well?

  • Patch Updates, Remote Control, security vulnerabilities.

  • https://i.imgur.com/nj3PBpF.png

    This is missing a few: Protected access for admin over all files & PC's, Visuals (graphs) , Easy to use interface.

    Here is what I have so far for important features outside of the standard. Do you guys see anything that is more important than another?

    Anything I'm missing completely?

    This list is not complied by priority, however it needs to be ( my Boss asked me to make a list) so any / all input would be greatly appreciated.